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When renting a bike, it is important that you are aware of the Terms & Conditions that come with the bike - we've got your back, so we've attached our T&C's below.


We value your privacy when you are renting bikes with us. So to give you peace of mind, we're outlining our GDPR and Privacy Policy here.


Collections Info

We have collection times on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4 pm in 30-minute slots. When purchasing your bike, please make sure you select one of the slots below to collect your bike - if you cannot make any of the given slots, you can request a different collection time for a small fee of £5. Please email us if this is the case and we can arrange a convenient time.

SLOTS: 2:00-2:30, 2:30-3:00, 3:00-3:30, 3:30-4:00. 



Contract length

Your contract length will depend entirely on how long you choose to rent the bike for!If you choose to rent one of our bikes for a semester, the contract will cover you for the entirety of that semester. Similarly, if you want the bike for the year, the contract will cover you for the entire academic year.


Size Guidelines & Other Information

Worried the bike isn't the right size or don't know where to collect? Scroll down to our FAQ's all the right information is there!



The bike is £30 for a semester, and £70 for the year, including a £70 deposit that will be refunded to you upon a successful return of your bike at the end of the rental. We also offer a D-Lock and Key for a £20 deposit, which would be fully refunded at the end of the academic year if left in good working order.

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