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We are a student run social enterprise renting bikes to the people of Nottingham. Helping people cycle their way around university, we are U-cycle.

U-cycle is the University of Nottingham's official bike rental company, offering cycle hire to students and staff all year round. We provide good quality, reliable bikes which make travelling around campus a breeze. The bikes provide a cheaper, greener and healthier alternative to the bus, making it the best option for student transport.

The threat of climate change and global warming are two issues that cannot be ignored. So, whilst U-cycle raises funds for social enterprises, it also helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released as a result of traditional modes of transport, such as cars or buses. For example, the average carbon dioxide emissions level of a new car sold in 2023 was 4.6 metric tons per year. By cycling, you cut out this environmentally harmful by-product - A University of Nottingham student swapping from the bus to U-cycle contributes around 80% less CO2 per year (a total of 39.6 Kilograms of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere)!


At U-cycle we offer two different pricing schemes: £45 rental fee for one semester and £70 for the academic year. We also ask for an £70 deposit in case of theft or damage to the bike. (Please see our T&C's for further information.) All our bikes are fully serviced, and included in the rental price are front and rear lights. A D-Lock and Key can be purchased for a £20 deposit, which is fully refunded if given back in proper condition at the end of the academic year. 

U-cycle is part of Enactus Nottingham, a student led organisation running social enterprises both locally and internationally, transforming the lives of thousands of people. 100% of the profits made by U-cycle goes into providing funding for these businesses that create a sustainable and lasting impact on communities.

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